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         We here at Indian Creek Leather offer both casual, dress, and sturdy CCW-type leather belts for both men and women. Below are some examples, along with pricing and our sizing guide.

The following prices are for representation only and are not fixed.

Buckstitched Belt
Casual Belt.jpg
Casual Belt
Custom Leather Covered Buckle-800.JPG
Custom Leather Covered Buckle
Back of Custom Buckle.JPG
Back of Custom Buckle
  • Casual belts (See Sizing Guide below)
  • Dress belts (See Sizing Guide below)
$55.00 to $80.00
  • Custom leather covered buckles

Casual & Dress Belt Sizing Guide

Three different belts and how they fasten.

  • Straight Belt ~ The leather is the same width its entire length with a buckle secured at one end and holes punched at the other to correspond to the buckle.
  • Tapered Belt ~ The leather is tapered at the buckle billet and also at the tongue billet usually half the width of the body of the belt.
  • The Ranger Belt ~ The body of the belt is usually a continuous width its entire length while it is buckled with two narrower billets that are fastened onto the body of the belt.
Each of these belt styles can be used in either dress belts or gun belts.
(See holster page for Gunbelt Sizing Guide.)


          The sizing of belts is extremely important. For dress or casual belts slide the tape measure though the belt loops on your pants and pull out the slack, record the measurement.  When I fit belts I use the measurement from the front of the buckle where the buckle tongue rests against the front bar, around the body of the belt, to the center hole of the billet.

          The center hole is the end of the measurement you recorded. I will then punch three holes on either side of the center hole, which gives adjustment to take up some slack when you are trying to impress someone special or let some out after an unusually good meal.

            The best way to measure is to take an old belt that fits great and measure from the front of the buckle to the hole that you use the most regardless of which one it is, I can then use that measurement in the same manner as I have just described.

Contact me today to place your order: 419-680-9069 or email: geeweis@yahoo.com. Our hours are Monday - Saturday, 9:00AM - 7:00PM Eastern Time. We are closed on Sunday.

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