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Knife Sheaths

Are you in need of a custom sheath for your favorite blade? Gene at Indian Creek Leather can make you a one of a kind leather sheath for your favorite knife or axe, along with scabbards for swords and other long blades. Below are some examples of Gene's work.

Contact me today to place your order: 419-680-9069 or email: geeweis@yahoo.com. Our hours are Monday - Saturday, 9:00AM - 7:00PM Eastern Time. We are closed on Sunday.



Long Knife Sheath.JPG
Long Knife Sheath
MMB Style Sword Sheath.JPG
MMB Style Sword Sheath
MMB Sheath top.JPG
MMB Sheath
MMB Tactical Sheath.JPG
MMB Tactical Sheath
One Piece Knife Sheath.JPG
One Piece Knife Sheath
Over shoulder Sword Sheath.JPG
Over shoulder Sword Sheath
Style 1 Brown Knife Sheath.JPG
Style 1 Brown Knife Sheath
Style 1 K Sheath.JPG
Style 1 K Sheath
Style 1 KS.JPG
Style 1 KS
Style 1 Knife Sheath.JPG
Style 1 Knife Sheath
Style 1 Sheath.JPG
Style 1 Sheath
Style 2 Knife Sheath.JPG
Style 2 Knife Sheath
Sword Sheath 1.JPG
Sword Sheath 1
Sword Sheath 1 back.JPG
Sword Sheath 1 back
Sword Sheath 1 details.JPG
Sword Sheath 1 details
Sword Sheath 2.JPG
Sword Sheath 2
Sword Sheath Measurement.JPG
Sword Sheath Measurement
Tactical 1.JPG
Tactical 1
Tactical 1 Back.JPG
Tactical 1 Back

Knife Sheath Pricing Guide

          There is no shopping cart on this site for a reason, when you contact Indian Creek Leather Co. you will be talking to me, Gene Weishuhn, the owner and custom leathersmith.  I will take your order, I will walk you through the selections and I will answer your questions. We will talk and get to know each other so I can serve you better. I will do this, not some clerk in a box store where everything is shrink wrapped in plastic and only comes in one size and color.

          I want you to experience my shop even if you never step foot in it. When you browse my site I want you smell the leather, the dyes, and the oils, I want you to see the bench and the tools that will turn the raw leather into a thing of beauty and function that will last a life time. I want you to enjoy looking at the leather products and see how they are made.  To return to a time when things were done right the first time and a handshake was a binding agreement. And when you proudly display your treasure you can tell people, “My friend made this for me”.

The following prices are for representation only and are not fixed.

  • Knife Sheaths
Call for product pricing
  • Tactical and sword sheaths
Call for product pricing
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